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Proud to provide quality residential rest home aged care, hospital and specialist dementia and palliative care for elderly and disabled New Zealander’s. Radius Care is a New Zealand owned and operated company that specialises in delivering the very best levels of Rest Home and Private Hospital care for our elderly population and our young disabled who require special care.

Our Rest Homes

So when the time comes to choose a care facility for yourself or a loved one, call any one of our managers to talk about your circumstances or just drop in for a chat. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you have, and will show you around any one of our facilities

Our Vision

Our vision for Radius is to deliver “good old fashioned Kiwi values and standards” back into the aged care sector and this is a commitment shared by our strong nationwide network of 20 facilities. Each of these facilities share a responsibility to provide the best levels of professional nursing care, which is delivered by our staff to over 1400 residents

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Our Locations

Retirement Villages

Retirement Villages

Radius Care currently operate a retirement village located at Radius Windsor Court ...


Radius Care looks after four Rest Home and Private Hospital Care facilities ...


Taupaki Gables, Arran Court and Waipuna are all located in Auckland.
Waikato BOP

Waikato BOP

In the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, Radius Care runs five ...


Radius Care manages two sites in New Plymouth, and one each in ...
South Island

South Island

Radius Care operates four facilities in the South Island. Two in Christchurch, ...

What people are saying...

I wish to put in a good word for the staff at Radius Care McLeod Road, Henderson.
My mother Grace Davey was a resident in the hospital/rest home for about 6 weeks, mum was 95.
I have found all the staff there helpful, caring, committed and dedicated.

They looked after Mum very well, kept her very clean and well fed.
They all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.
I hope you thank them all as I intend writing to the Minister of Health about Mum’s excellent care.
I would never hesitate to recommend your hospital, rest home to anyone who was looking for a place for a loved one.

To Hazel and the Team,
On behalf of the family of the late Bert Moore i just want to personally thank you sincerely for the care and devotion you all showed to Lyn’s and my dad. Our kids granddad and Ken and the late Graham’s dad in law.
To see dad settled and as happy and contented as he was when i saw him two weeks ago was something we will be forever grateful for.
Your professionalism was outstanding and I know that Bert really appreciated you not pushing him to go to the lounge or stressing him out by making him go to the dining room for meals.
Our dad was really special to us as no doubt all dads are and if I have one regret it’s that we never got dad to you sooner, who know’s maybe we would still have him with us now, but then his quality of life was not good and it just wasn’t to be.
So Hazel once again from Lyn and Ken Gould, Myself and our children our most sincere THANK YOU.

Dear Robyn & Caregivers,
Last week we popped in to see our Mum. We went into the main lounge area where the entertainment was taking place.
Mum was not aware that we had just arrived and it was so lovely to see her singing along and thoroughly enjoying the entertainment which was being provided.
We’d just like you to know how much our family appreciates all that is done for our precious mother. We came away feeling so happy just to see mum so happy!
Keep up the good work. You all do a wonderful job.

To The Amazing Tina, ALL the wonderful staff and delightful residents at Hampton Court,
A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for making my Dad so welcome and settled into your family. From the first phone call I have had nothing but exceptional service and attention to detail in settling Dad. It has been great to watch him flourish over the last month under your tender and expert care.
I have always been very critical of Retirement Homes due to previous experiences, but you have ALL changed that to a totally positive one.
Not only was Dad made so welcome but also myself and all his family and friends.
I firmly believe this success comes from the “TOP”, an exceptional manager generates a positive working environment for the team and thus a HAPPY home for all those in the family.
Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.
Kindest Regards.

Dear Brien,
A note on behalf of my sister, my brother, and myself to express our thanks for the wonderful care and attention our mother is receiving from the dedicated staff at the Lester Heights Hospital here in Whangarei.
Our mother going into hospital level care is not what any of us would have envisaged for her (let alone herself), but from the moment we phoned to make the initial enquiry to personally checking out the facilities available to Mum’s admittance all the staff could not have been more welcoming, kind or helpful.
We have found that all the staff go the extra mile in a professional, pleasant, cheerful and calm manner, and this has helped Mum to settle in so well. As Mother Teresa said, “We can’t all do great things, but we can all do small things with great love.”
With Kind Regards

I wish to express my appreciation of the efforts your staff (in particular in the hospital wing) made to make life more comfortable and pain free as possible for my brother during the last few weeks.
The room was lovely with all the amenities that a person requires. He received loving care in your wonderful premises for which I am truly grateful.
You are providing a wonderful service to the community with true dedication – Thank you!
Yours in gratitude.

I am a registered nurse living in Sydney, Australia for the past 30 odd years. I had a situation last month that I would like to express to you.
My mother Pauline Cullen was dying of bowel cancer and was transferred from Waikato Hospital to Waikato Hospice. I flew to NZ and stayed 3 nights at the hospice. They were awesome but they also told me I had 2 days to get a placement for my dying mother. My sister and I hit the road seen there is only 5 places in Hamilton to take Mums level of care. Maeroa Lodge was our last hope. Denise the manager had a bed and she was just awesome. Shifted Mum the next day and she died 7 days later on the 20th April. My mother is Fijian/Tongan as you are aware Polynesians if we can avoid it our don’t die alone.
I slept on a mattress beside Mum for the 7 days and did nearly all her nursing cares. It was my choice to do this care and your staff could not be more dedicated, caring and helpful whenever I needed them and it was such a warm and friendly environment. Also did not have the smell like other aged care facilities. Nothing was a problem. The caregivers was in and out of the room to me through out the day to make sure I was alright and needed anything. Every morning I woke up in my pyjamas and caregivers would always give me a good morning and ask if I need linen or whatever. The Registered Nurses were great also. Nothing was a problem. Even the kitchen staff as busy as they were bent over backwards for me when I appeared. Even down to the cleaners they were great.
Denise the manager you could not get a better person for the job. She was absolutely awesome to me and the family. I was in a smaller room to start with and Denise shifted Mum to a bigger room with a ensuite because more family was coming in when Mum was closer to death. Denise did little things for us and put herself out and made the family feeling complete through this emotional journey at Maeroa Lodge.
My sister Anne from Papamoa slept the night with us and she went to the kitchen so Mum could have some warm milk with her weetbix. As usual the kitchen staff stopped what they were doing and heated the milk for her. Anne came back to the room and told me we should not be disturbing the kitchen staff for little things like this. Anne donated a new microwave so the family members can help themselves. Denise was speechless when I asked her for approval. We also donated a beautiful false arrangement of lilies which were given to us at the funeral. Denise has put it in your foyer as you walk in.
As a Registered Nurse i could not speak more highly of your staff and the care they give to their patients. I would notice if the patients were not being given the care staying there 24/7 for 7 days. I would recommend Maeroa Lodge to anyone who is looking for a nursing home for their loved ones. I came back to Australia feeling complete within myself that my mother died in a nursing home that care about their patients with their loving care.
Thank you for providing an awesome aged care facility and dedicated and hard working staff.

Just a note to say I did not have to have my wife, Audrey, away from the Potter Home to realise how much the Home and it’s staff had contributed to my wife’s well-being. Every single staff member – cleaners, kitchen staff, nurses had responded to Audrey and showed her that they cared for her.
Thank-you for allowing us to retain our room.

Dear Mr Cree,
Recently our mother passed away at one of your facilities, St Helena’s, in Christchurch. We feel it is important that we share some of our experiences of that time with you.
For some years Mum had suffered from dementia and had been in a secure rest home. As her dementia increased so did her aggression and unrest and eventually she needed a higher level of care. Unfortunately at that time such placements were hard to come by in Christchurch and we had no choice in the facility she was sent to.
From the outset we were very unhappy with her care and almost immediately her physical health took a downturn. We sought a new placement for her and were waiting for St Winifred’s to open their new wing when she became very unwell. We knew Mum had reached her final days but we still felt that she was not getting the care she deserved and that we wanted for her.
We sought help from the manager at St Helena’s and she was able to assist us in facilitating an urgent reassessment of Mum and her admission to St Helena’s.
Mum was in pain and we were very stressed when she was admitted to St Helena’s. Within a few short hours her pain and stress had been much relieved. The following day we all enjoyed some quality time with Mum who for a brief time was alert and lucid.
During the next few days and nights Mum and indeed our whole family received outstanding care and attention. It was impressive to watch the quite professional, but loving way our mother was cared for at all times.
We were greeted with good humour and smiles at any time of the day or night. There was always a ready offer of food or cups of tea or coffee and we were never made to feel we were in the way.
Most of all we were able to enjoy the priceless gift of a quiet few days with Mum and know she was no longer in pain. We are all so grateful for the incomparable care offered to us at this time. In the circumstances Thank You seems so inadequate.
In the last few years we have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of aged care. The team at St Helena’s offer the exceptional.
Please convey our heartfelt gratitude to them.

In early December last, my late father was transferred to Taupaki Gables from the North Shore Hospital’s intensive care ward. He had various health issues and required palliative care. Dad passed away on Christmas Day.
My mother was extremely impressed with the overall care given to him despite the short duration of his stay. The staff quickly gained his confidence and started getting him interested in meeting other residents and going on outings. Then, when his health deteriorated again, all of the staff went out of their way to make my mother and other members of our family welcome and comfortable during the hours that we spent at his bedside before he passed away. In particular, she cannot speak too highly of the kindness and compassion extended to all of us during my father’s final hours. It was very clear to us that all of the staff really care about the residents and were almost as sad as we were at his passing. One of the reasons that my father wanted to be placed at Taupaki Gables was as a result of hearing very good reports about the Home. This was reinforced when, on our first visit, my mother in particular, was very impressed with the homely atmosphere and the obvious interest the staff have in their residents. She will have no hesitation in recommending Taupaki Gables to anyone in need of residential care.

My Husband has been a resident in your Thornleigh home for almost three years. I feel Thornleigh was part of his extended family. The staff and residents have been very kind in supporting myself and family.

Thank you all for your love and care of our Dad. Also for your support of Bet over the time Dad was a resident with you. We did appreciate all your kindnesses, understanding and friendships. It was a long and interesting journey at times. Thank you again on behalf of the family.